Monday, 6 September 2010

Faux Rust trinket box... Mixed Media Monday

Please Click on the image to see better detail.

The theme over at Alter it Monthly is Rust... Now I cant take part as I am the creator of Alter it monthly, and a member of the design team, but I still LOVE the theme.

I dont like using chemicals much (plus I cant get hold of many) and I really wanted to know how to get a nice rust look without using them. Plus I have lots of cardboard and wooden boxes id like to make look like rusted metal things. SO I decided to experiment with paint effects to try and get a bit of a rusty look.
This is a round wooden trinket box...Take off hinges and catches before you start...
Firstly I used a metallic paint on the box and allowed it to dry so that any future patches in the rust effect would show metal underneath...
next I painted on some terracotta acrylic paint mixed with sand.. and dried it using a heat gun full blast. this made the paint bubble up and go all bumpy and lumpy... also in a few places the bubbles burst leaving a hole that the metal paint showed through in.
Next stage was adding alcohol ink... I used Rust (oddly enough lol) and butterscotch. i Just sprinkled it on and spread it around with my fingers. I am sure there are other ways.. While it was still wet i sprinkled on patches of black distress embossing powder, as when i studied a real rusty item it seemed to be speckled with articles of black... then heated it again with a heat gun. I dusted on a little green perfect pearls in places. and that was that...

It looks ok. Ive added rusted paper to the top and around the side and some cogs and embellishments. I used gold, copper and indigo gilt waxes in places too just randomly.

Mixed media Monday has warm it up (warm colours) as the theme... i think rust is a very warm colour so i am adding it.


  1. Love the rusty effect you created on this fabulous little box Louise!

  2. This is my favorite altered piece I've seen this week....thanks for sharing all the details. I think you got a great rusted effect!
    :) Nan

  3. This is just absolutely stunning - and looks truly rustic, rusty, vintage.

  4. what a fun piece & great idea! I'm going to share this technique with some of my mixed media friends.

    I'll have to check out Alter it monthly. Sounds very very cool

  5. I love the layers you put on your box -it looks marvelous!!!

  6. oh this trinket box is awesome!!! what a wonderful piece!!!

  7. What a fantastic box! Love it :)

  8. I'd say your box looks sufficiently fact it looks spectacular.
    Another cool way to get a rust effect is with distress embossing powder and ink

  9. Wow, this is gorgeous! Love it!


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