Saturday, 10 July 2010

Steampunk Mechanical Go Between.

"The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there."

Designed one evening by young Leo Colston after a very tiring afternoon of delivering messages between the young lovers, Ted and Marian. Sore feet can be a great push to inventiveness. The Mechanical go between takes the footwork out of secret message carrying. Simply whisper your words of love and the name of your love to the mechanical go between, wind it up and let it free. It will fly to the object of your affections and replay your saved message. It has the added bonus of letting your loved one hear your voice, thus making there long day without you bearable.


  1. love your crazy creations, I'm starting to believe they work!! you really get this steampunk thing!

  2. Thank you Joanne.. I was a steampunk literature and movie fan before the craft world grabbed it. I cant believe my luck that its a craze now...

  3. LOL you is a crazy lady :D
    Fabulous work and love the story :D

    Julie xx

  4. i like how your artworks have a cute little background story. very creative!

  5. Oh if only ........................I would need more than one though methinks!

    It is gorgeous