Thursday, 15 July 2010

I have opened an online shop...

I have no idea if people use these online shops or not but after being told many times I should get one, I opened an account with folksy. Its Zuzu's Altered art and stuff. I know you guys wont need to use it as you can make your own things but wish me luck anyway.
Zuzu x


  1. I use online shops a lot - and the things come from all over the world. And whose to say that we won't use it Mistress Zuzu - we might make things, but we don't make things like you do - and each 'thing' is an original work of art isn't it.

    Not that you need any luck as I am sure it will be a great success - bit I will wish you luck cos you asked so sweetly.

    Off to have a look


  2. Best of luck, Zuzu - hope it goes a storm!

  3. Good luck hun :D
    Have you sold anything yet?? I haven't LOL
    J xx

  4. lol @ Hun..... tut

    Well whats it been.. three days? maybe we were expecting too much.... I wanted at least one sale a day haha.... actually I expect to pay listing fees and make ZILCH .... it was worth a try.. if i dont sell anything im not listing on it again. 20p listing fee per Item and 5% fee on each sale is a bit pricey if its not well advertised. if they charge us they should be advertising.... the only way they make monsy is if we make money

  5. Good luck my dear!

  6. Good luck Zuzu! I hope you do really really well. I just opened an etsy shop today myself! I haven't put anything in it yet. I think artist's do buy other artists work, especially if it's something out of their own speciality.

  7. I know that you have had a sale and I am sure it will be the first of many!
    I must share you on FB :-)


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