Thursday, 17 June 2010

Commission (no distressing and no vintage.. )

I was asked if I could do a pocketwatch for someone who, although she loves to look at my vintage distressed items, she knows she would never wear any of it. She is a butterflies angels fairies and twinkle kind of gal... SO she asked if I could do her a watch with that in mind. Never one to turn down a challenge I went all girly bling on this one. the case was a brand new unused case so that helped.


  1. Well that fits the spec perfectly.

    Where can you buy new pocket watches to alter - these are amazing

  2. I hope she likes it wonderful colour! where do you get the cases from (old & new) I haven't seen as STILL lol

    I love the vintage stuff you do more as lovely as this is

    Love Dawn xx

  3. I have to say i LOVE this one. The blue is amazing and eye catching.

  4. wow just been browsing your blog, your work is Beautiful :)

  5. Oh my gosh--I am in awe--your work is unbelievable! It is amazing--Your whole blog is fantastic!
    Cindy Adkins

  6. oh wow!!! your work is gorgeous!!! this piece is beautiful!!!


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