Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Frida Shrine...

Please click on images to enlarge for detail.
Made from a small shadow-box frame, some rusty wings, reclaimed jewellery and copper chain.

I have loved the work of Frida Khalo long before I had ever heard of rubber stamping, so although Frida stamps have become a bit of a Stampers cliché, I decided I still wanted to make a shrine with her inside. and this is it. Sadly all the little bumps and grooves haven't shown up too well in the photo...


  1. Ive always felt that the photo's of your work never do them complete justice, your work is definately something you have to see in real life, so to speak.
    Still, this piece is gorgeous,adore your style.

  2. Fabulous Zuzu - really luscious and almost regal - totally befitting Frida

  3. This piece is absolutely stunning!!!

  4. This is a small piece of divinity itself Louise. Captivating x