Monday, 3 May 2010

altered pocket watch

Alter it Monthly and metal...
Yes MORE metal objects from me...
I am struggling to get a decent photo of this as its all reflective or see-through surfaces. anyway.. here it is.. I am not sure its done.. I may have to fix or change stuff. I think I will call it a work in progress...
I have to ask myself why I spent hours taking it to bits, gutting it and removing all the parts, just so I could stick them back in surrounded by glossy-accents and alcohol ink LOL


  1. This is absolutely amazing! All of the detail that you have added make this one a knock-out!!

  2. I love this and the previous tin box too I have been collecting some watch faces but have yet to get hold of a pocket watch case. I love what you have done here it's lovely

    love Dawn xx

  3. Clearly your efforts are well spent. This is amazing and I have not seen anything like this. Happy creating...

  4. This is so very original and beautiful

  5. so what youve done.

  6. ohh this is way cool, and has reminded me i have a pocket watch or 2 hidden somewhere


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