Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The cuff inspired by Linda

Bless you Linda.. I haven't felt so inspired to try something in ages. After seeing the Cuff bracelet thing linda made I had to try it... totally different approach to the decoration on the main wrist band using a technique i learned some time ago from.. Oh let me think??? oh yes LINDA LOL .... I like to call it.. heating the holy crap out of fusible film...
Anyway here it is ...


  1. Hi Louise,

    I had to chuckle when I read - heating the holy crap out of fusible film!!! It's something that Linda does so well and I've seen her do it to so many different media. We both belong to a group that meets every two weeks, but often miss each other for a variety of reasons, I have to tell you, I could sit and watch her create all day, the way her mind works is absolutely amazing.


  2. Me again. Sorry I forgot to mention how incredible your cuff looks.

  3. the cuff is totally stunning! I must try this fusible film...just love the effect you get from it!

  4. It looks absolutely amazing :D
    Julie xx

  5. Oh my - you have a year's worth of crafting pouring out of you - and how it's pouring.

    This is magnificent - love it to bits.


  6. I'm a technique? lol, I love my heat gun!
    your cuff is divine