Monday, 26 April 2010

Altered cigar box

I was on a professional development course at the weekend so met up with some fellow counsellors who are also friends that i trained with... It was a good weekend. But to add the icing on the cake One friend made an order for a cuff bracelet (its always nice to get paid to do what you love) and another offered a small supply of cigar boxes (after I nearly attacked her for the one she had on her). Here it is, my first altered cigar box.


  1. I am so jealous - cigar boxes - thought they didn't exist any more - except in grannies attics.

    I adore this - and Japanese goodies too - I am swooning!

  2. I will send you one lottie.. I see my friend again in 8 weeks and she said she would keep some boxes for me

  3. Yum,Yum, this is great Zuzu.

  4. Love your new look Zuzu - wow, wow, wow, - really suits you.

    Thank you for your wonderful offer of a cigar box - but I wasn't on the scrounge and they are so hard to get - you keep the for yourself - your work is so gorgeous - and I truly wouldn't do one justice

    So kind of you to offer


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