Monday, 15 December 2008

Another Canvas...

.. to match the last one sort of.. The square one was a gift for someone.. but I liked the general theme of it so made something very similar for myself.


  1. this is gorgeous too, looks like so much work in these canvases, love the colours too, very "you". glad you're crafting as well, about time.....ha.. xx

  2. This one is even more gorgeous- the swirl in the background looks strangely like a face, too! Love the golden tones.

  3. Fantastic textures going on there - wonderful and love the rich colours xxxx

  4. Fantabulous - amazing - wonderful to see you creating again.

  5. These textures are exquisite! I want to touch them! (Lousy screen getting in my way...)What scale are they?? I could see them hanging in a fancy boudoir or a harem bath. Just beautiful!

    Many Blissings~*

  6. i love the layers on this piece...and those flourishes are just divine...everything flows together so beautifully ...loveeee it!!!


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