Monday, 21 July 2008

This Thursday its All About........

Please click on image to enlarge it as its the only way you will see it dont know why its so small on there :-)

Change.. . All change! .. its the theme on This Thursday, So change includes altering I think .. so here is a hanging I made a while ago with 3 little mini Dominoes.. they are alcohol inked.. then collage images printed out very small were glued on.. and all varnished .. threaded up with a tassel and some beads. Each domino is about 1inch tall...


  1. Wow wow wow UNBELIEVABLE.
    Great work. Love them.

  2. Love these . Love the beads you've choosen work so well with the oriental theme. Stunning work yet again
    Thanks for entering This Thursday challenge this week

  3. Lovely. I have one very similar made by your own fair hand and can attest they are even more gorgeous in real life.


  4. nice work .......

    rollin rollin rollin keep on rollin stuff out

    I just love seeing it

  5. Brilliant - did you drill right through all the dominoes and then thread the sash through - whatever way you did it - its stunning - and the colours work so well - and of course Oriental - the bizz

  6. Absolutely stunning!
    Thanks for playing along!

  7. Fabulous work on these dominoes - thanks for joining in with This Thursday.