Friday, 11 July 2008

stage 2 altered book

If you click on the images in this and the last post, you can read Nigels little story as he goes along!
I have continued the adventures of little Nigel today by sending him off to the circus. It didn't go well for him as I think he had been viewing the circus through rose tinted glasses. The reality was not as nice so he has decided to move on. We will discover where in the next step of the book. lol


  1. Poor Nigel, take him somewhere really nice now to get over the clowns.. I am loving this project

  2. Fantastic - truly wonderful- and inspiring.

  3. This is so exciting watching the book develop with each day and the adventures it holds.

  4. ooooo gets better and better, i;m drooling now lol, and awwww at poor Nigel, makes his next adventure a good one:)x

  5. Oh, I'm loving this - you can't stop you know, we have to know what happens next!!!


  6. Wow stunning entry in the book. Love this.

  7. great chapter in Nigel's life all part of his learning curve

    There are a lot of folk out here who will sypathise with his fear and thoughts of clowns

    Keep on going Nigel "things will get better i'm sure"

    Fab work Louise

  8. I don't like clowns either, there's no need for them.
    this is just


    fantastic? awesome? beautiful, original, it's honestly the most gorgeous thing you've ever made imo. love it. x


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