Sunday, 13 July 2008

Another instalment of Nigel

Another step done in the Fortunes of Nigel. After getting news of an wise old Pharaoh seeking a servant and confidant to employ with very good working conditions Nigel has set out for Egypt.

I have to point out that the Pharaoh is getting old and I am not sure Nigel realises how far the responsibilities of a servant go when it comes to dead Pharaohs and pyramid burials!!


  1. Wow, this is such a treasure.

    SURELY you will HAVE to keep it?


  2. aww poor old nige he's a bit naive,ay but I'm really enjoying his adventures and the beautiful work youre creating Z - you seem to be on an amazing creative roll at the moment - long may it last!
    Cant wait for the next installment

  3. Wow wow wow so different and amazing pages again. Love them. Stunning work.

  4. Wow wow wow

    Great adventures great imagination

    You're on a roll!!!!!

    Keep it up


  5. So much gorgeousness on one blog Louise. I have nominated you for another award on my blog. Just wanted you to know you have another fan xx Karen

  6. Wow what an amzing peice of work, Adore all of this its just breathtaking

  7. More unique and fabulous pages Louise, I am loving Nigel's adventures, this is going to be one heck of a gift:)x

  8. You won't want to give this away once you have finished Nigel's travels. You are getting so much fun and pleasure from this aren't you.

    And thank you for giving us the chance to enjoy it too.


  9. You certainly are on a roll, Louise. This is amazing work. Looking forward to reading more about Nigel. :)

  10. This is stunning - makes you want to hold it in your hands and really investigate it.

  11. it's a wonderful! Love your art ! Please, look at my blog, there is a "surprise" for you ! thanks

  12. I love your art. Your blog is wonderful. Have a nice Sunday Louise.


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