Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Blog Neglect

I have not put a single thing in here for ages.. But what with exams, written homework and the wedding plans, I dont have much time right now.
I do get some crafting done but nothing blog worthy and at the moment its mostly wedding favours and Name tag things for the table to help with the seeting plans.. What are the called?? place name tags ??
feel free to give me the answer lol.. cos when ever I talk about them to anyone I am having to use the term...
.... "you know these name tag things for the table for the seating plan"... its long winded. :-D

Just a few days after the wedding I have my Partners 16 year old moving in with us so I am also busy sorting out his room which means packing up and shiffting all the rooms round and My son has still not packed his stuff (he is 25) he keeps saying "chil mum there is plenty time :-S . errm 4 weeks is not long really ...

Anyway I hope that at the end of July when all the big busy stuff is over, I will get back to crafting (although minus a craft room by then) and get posting things on my blog.

The wedding is 3 weeks today Woo hoo :-)


  1. whahoooooooo 3 weeks to go oooooooooooo

    (aren't they called place cards?)

  2. thats it .. exactly lol.. Its been driving me nuts trying to think :-)