Saturday, 16 June 2007

and the third one

The last of the set for Mandys nostalgic couples swap on ZUZU's forum..
we have a nice load of themes on the go again.

Bathing beauties ATCs
Nostalgic couples ATCs
Wings and crowns ATCs
Friends ATCs
Art Doll ATC
Colour orange ATCs
4x4 connected ATCs

Shary runs a monthly inchies swap .. its flowers this time..
and we have a domino swap.

we are also all doing a tag as part of a members tag book .. Tim Holtz theme

Its a very "swappy" forum :-)


  1. how do you keep gong Zuzu - great ATC's and love the colours.

  2. wow zuzu... love this one... didnt realise we had so many swaps going on did you?? lol

  3. its busy busy in there MAndy and My ATC collection is awsome and ever expanding due to the talent we have in there .. I am well chuffed :-)

  4. It is a busy forum you got there Zuzu....

    I love this it's fab.... just fab

  5. Ohhhh this is great, love it ;-)

  6. oooooh Love this too... esp love the little metal bits.. very nice Louise...

  7. Yes its a very swappy and happy forum. Love this atc by the way