Saturday, 21 April 2007

Jo's Tin

It was the birthday of a friend who's work I find very inspirational today.. (well that sounds wrong lol) her work is inspirational every day, it was her Birthday that was only today :-).

I made a wee altered tin for her and now that she has seen it I can add it to my blog. the Butterfly is there as its the symbol of the forum Jo invited me to and introduced herself to me on. Butterflies appear on a lot of the things we send to each other on that forum, and the "my Hero" well it speaks for itself lol.


  1. The photos (even though they are fantastic...;0) ) really dont give the full gorgeousness of this tin. It looks so rich and sumptuous in real life.Thanks Zuzu for such a kind gesture.

    (and I'm all embarrassed now lol *blush* )

  2. I love this, this has to be my fav piece louise.

  3. The tin is really great, love it, looks really beautyful and so detailed. ;) Fab work mate. ;)

  4. This is so delightful, what a treasure.