Monday, 9 October 2017

Plastic toy gun overhaul.

The title says it all really.
I took a plastic, fancy dress pirate gun and gave it an ageing makeover.

The Before:

 The After:

Sunday, 24 September 2017

MCM Comic Con

As promised (Barbara lol) here are a few images from the Comic Con.
I was there with support from my friends at the Glasgow Ubiquitous E steampunk Society. (Couldn't really go to something that big without the support of a large group of close friends)

Here are a few of the members that were there on the saturday.
One or two cosplay peeps I met and loved.
These two are from 2 of my favourite XBox games.
Fallout 4
And Wrench from Watchdogs (can you tell I turned into a 14 year old girl in my head? all shy and giggly)

And here I am holding the vampire kit and Mike has the exorcists apothecary (from the last post)...

Till next time x

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Steampunks and Comic Con.

Well it's been a while since I blogged.

My steampunk society are all going 'en masse' to the Glasgow Comic Con on saturday so I have mostly been making props and accessories for my outfit (and my husbands).

Vampire slaying kit (for me)


Exorcists Apothecary (for hubby.)

 Pendant (for me)

Some jewellery and medals for other steampunk friends.


I wont go on as all the rest is very similar.
Also went on a Finnabair course but no point sharing that. Everyone's work looks pretty much the same. ;)

Also this month - handed in my projects for the Craft Stamper. But that's for the December issue (out in November).

Now back to fixing up my outfit for Comic Con.
So excited.

Friday, 21 April 2017

DecoArt and Tando Creative. A PIP collaboration.

Decoart have a few Partners in Crime (no thats not the term its ummm "Partners In Promotion") and we collaborate with them from time to time; you may remember we did a "Stampendous bog hop"?
well back in february we were asked to work together with Tando supplies, as part of the Decoart design team, to send samples off for tando to display at trade shows and such.
I selected this lovely folder to alter. there are more pages to it but I only had time to do a few before sending it off to Di.

Page 1 leaves and flourishes also Tando parts.

Page 2 and 3 Book plate also a Tando part
Page 4 and 5 Flourish also a Tando part.

Page 6 and 7
back cover

lots of yummy DecoArt supplies used here. Texture, paint, metallic lustres, crackle, stencils etc etc.
And by the skin of my teath I have made blogged it in time for the June challenge on "Our Creative Corner" as their sponsor is "Tando" and my Decoart supplies make me VERY happy making it fit well with the June theme.
Z x

Monday, 14 November 2016

The "Alice jar" ....

I decided to try and alter an old coffee jar. I had this old Kenco coffee jar from 7 years ago when i used to drink instant coffee... it has been used for storing pasta or something. so i gave it a makeover.
I started by coating the whole thing in a layer of PVA glue and torn book pages. this gave a good base for paints and mediums etc.
I put some random areas of texture paste on it then when that was dry i added paint in green and aqua tones. I stamped out my Alice themed stamps and cut them out. I tinted them with watercolour pencils and stuck them in to place. then i added details with more paints ... i let everything dry and gave it a coat of multi-purpose sealer followed by a coat of one step crackle.
I used Quinacridone gold to give a rusted and aged look and let it get in to the cracks of the crackle glaze (cleaning off the extra with a damp cloth. (remember a damp cloth will do the same job as a baby wipe but you can use it over and over again without adding more waste to the planet).

I went over all the raised sections with treasure gold gilt wax and then i added some fabric and lace (stained with paints) and lots of lovely rusty wire that i dangled some charms from...
for the lid I also included some lovely green moss, a few red rose heads and a very cute toadstool.

Paint used:
Decoart Traditions:
Quinacridone gold
Blue green light
sap green
Quinacridone Gold
Decoart acrylic:
Indian turquoise
Calico red
lamp black
titanium white

Friday, 14 October 2016

Book box for Calico crafts...

I decided to alter a couple  of those fab "book boxes" with the recess in the middle. I had been getting inspired by some altered art elsewhere that was WAY beyond my abilities but it still got my creative juices flowing. I felt a need to feed my rust and blue patina fetish.This is the first of the two projects with the second to follow on monday.
I painted the whole thing in a nice aqua colour then when it was dry i used weathered wood crackle medium in places and simple PVA glue in others... then, when it was touch dry i gave it a top coat in a more neutral colour... I used one called eggshell but anything like light buttermilk, pebble, warm white or antique white.. or mix something yourself.
I heat dried it all with my heat gun. i got crackle were the "weathered wood" medium was on on the bits with the pva (which would have crackled too had i left it) I over heated deliberately so it blistered and made cool wee distressed lumps and bumps.  I went over the bumps carefully with my gingerbread chalk ink then used it around all the edges.
I then started tearing and cutting up old book pages, papers (7 gypsies global and trousseau ), calico, hessian(burlap) and lace, and collaging them on in a distressed and random manner. I used my versamagic gingerbread chalk ink on the edges of the papers .
 I added rusty nails, rusty keys, buttons, feathers, and then used my rusting and patina solutions from my personal stash and dripped over some random areas to give a really worn, damaged, aged look. I also used the solutions over the spine..
I added more book pages to the sides of the box and rusted them with the paint and rust solution from my stash. you could just use dirty brown paint brush water or use any inks you have that you use to age things.  my finishing touch (for now) is the bit of drift wood at the top, with some blue and white watery paint added in some areas, wrapped in rusty wire. i tucked a rusty star in there too and dripped some of my iron paint and rusting solution....
Inside is a simple little collection of "beach finds" (or calico crafts finds)... A bit of fishing net, a couple of shells and some drift wood sticks.