Saturday, 25 July 2015

Calico Craft Parts day for me...

Hi there folks.
I have a post over on Calico Craft Parts today. it celebrates the possible chance of life on the newly discovered earth like planet Kepler 452b (lol) ... you can find it by clicking HERE.
all comments are gratefully received. lets the boss know we are doing our job properly.

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Thursday, 25 June 2015

DecoArt and Tando Creative. A PIP collaboration.

Decoart have a few Partners in Crime (no thats not the term its ummm "Partners In Promotion") and we collaborate with them from time to time; you may remember we did a "Stampendous bog hop"?
well back in february we were asked to work together with Tando supplies, as part of the Decoart design team, to send samples off for tando to display at trade shows and such.
I selected this lovely folder to alter. there are more pages to it but I only had time to do a few before sending it off to Di.

Page 1 leaves and flourishes also Tando parts.

Page 2 and 3 Book plate also a Tando part
Page 4 and 5 Flourish also a Tando part.

Page 6 and 7
back cover

lots of yummy DecoArt supplies used here. Texture, paint, metallic lustres, crackle, stencils etc etc.
And by the skin of my teath I have made blogged it in time for the June challenge on "Our Creative Corner" as their sponsor is "Tando" and my Decoart supplies make me VERY happy making it fit well with the June theme.
Z x

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Ocean Diorama for Calico Craft Parts.

Hi there folks!
I made a diorama for Calico Craft Parts 3 or 4 weeks ago. I am now sharing it over here. It's pretty much 100% craft parts apart from the box which came free with 4 pairs of socks inside at Christmas.
I painted my box, inside and out then added some bits of stick as platforms on the sides and bottoms to make it easier to layer the craft parts. (you can use that 3D foam sticky tape or pads if you prefer).
I used some decorative flourishes for waves and simply started to layer the different parts on to each other to build up a 3D scene.

Craft Parts used: (click on item for link to shop)

Flourishes (for waves)
Ships wheel
desert Island (Palm trees)
fancy corners

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Calico Craft Parts Day...

Hi folks.
It's my turn over on the "Calico Craft Parts" design team blog. I altered one of those beautiful little trinket boxes. (prefect size for a collection of ATC's, pack of playing cards, gypsy witch cards etc. but also a perfect size for my favourite hand made lavender soaps. please pop over and have a look (maybe leave a comment pretty please) click HERE 
Z x

Monday, 1 June 2015

Mixed Media Monthly Challenge: Guest (again :) )

Mixed Media Monthly have their Birthday this month. so they have invited guests from the last year to take part and make something using any of the monthly themes from the last 12 months theme choices.
I chose to use a couple of the themes. "Texture and stencils"  and "Birds of a Feather".
and I used them on a 12 x 12 piece of corrugated card.
the texture is from DecoArt modelling paste and it is also a DecoArt stencil. lots of Decoart paint and mediums including the FANTASTIC crackle paint that just does as it says it will. and my usual splashes of "Quinacridone Gold" for rusty blobs.
The bird is a bit amateur as I am beginning to TRY and do some of the painting myself and not rely on cut out images and stamps all the time. the nest is napkin decoupage using DecoArt decoupage medium. i used the one especially for napkins to reduce tearing.
as I had used a variety of DecoArt mediums I had some patches that had a Shin on the surface, some matt and some in between. i wanted consistency so I gave it all a coat of DecoArt Ultra matt medium. That takes away all shine and reflections (easier to get photos too when you have to use a flash).
I'm making a basic frame out of driftwood and jute string for this but its not ready yet.
Please go over and visit Mixed Media Monthly and maybe join in its for fun and creative self development. these blog challenges can help push you to try new things and gain confidence. develop your style and learn new styles. really worth having a go.
thanks for stopping by
Z x

Bobbin Queen... for Calico Craft Parts

It is my turn to post on the "Calico Craft Parts Design Team Blog".
I have altered one of their small shrine kits in a simple shabby chic inspired way. Please pop over to take a look and leave a comment (the comments keep me going ;) )
Z x

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Scrapbooking with Calico Craft Parts and DecoArt supplies.

I don't often do 12 x 12 layouts. I am not overly fond of displaying photos. I rarely take photos of people. I Mostly take scenery shots. and in this day of digital, I dnt even get them printed out. I just keep them on my hard drive or on discs etc. But the exception is a pile of old photos of grandparents, reat grand parents and other relatives of that age. I have some lovely photos of my relatives and I find working with sepia toned photos much easier than new photos.
I scanned the photo of my Great Aunt Mima and printed it off for this project. I never use the original photos as I want to keep them safe.
I was inspired to do this one as I am in love with my new bits from "Calico Craft Parts". These gates are splendid! and the leaves and flourishes. (insert heart icon here)
I have also used lots of lovely DecoArt media products. Modelling paste, gesso, crackle paint (gotta love the crackle paint. it just does what it says on the tub) 
and obviously paints (importantly Quinacridone gold for the rusty drips).  The texture was put through a decoart stencil on to a piece of 12 x 12 corrugated card. 
I had great fun making this with thanks to DecoArt and Calico Craft Parts...
I made 2 backgrounds exactly (well almost) the same. the 2nd one has been made into a canvas. It is way more "mixed media" in style as it has been painted and decoupaged on to (with more DecoArt supplies). You can see that over on Our Creative Corner on the 1st June :)

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Call of the Sea: Calico Craft Parts Day

little sneak peak

It's my turn over on the Calico Craft Parts design team blog. I have made a diorama of mermaids around a ship. its very 3D but the photos seem unable to show that. I would love it if you could go over and take a look and maybe leave a comment so we know you have been. :)
thank you
Z x

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Spring themed upcyle. with Calico Craft Parts

I'm taking part in an "Upcycle" craft swap with "Spring" as the theme.
this box used to hold a watch of my sons. I say that and it makes it sound small but I swear you could get about 10 watches in it. it is a decent size.
I upcycled it with Chalky finish paints, crackle glaze, antiquing cream and napkin decoupage then added lots of embellishments from Calico Craft parts.
I have used one of the wild flower shapes as a branch. I also used some lovely corner shapes and a keyhole escutcheon from the ironmongery

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Steampunk inspired plaque style necklace. for DecoArt and Calico Craft Parts

Today I am sharing this plaque style necklace I made to wear along with one of my steampunk costumes. I am going to a lovely event being held at the Beamish museum near Newcastle in June and wanted something new to wear. i have been wearing the same two or three costumes to every event for the last few years.
So as my husband has chosen to go as a steampunk (Scottish) pirate, I decided to go along as something complimentary. a sort of mystic soothsayer gypsy type person. Tarot cards, crystals, oils and potions in tow. This is me starting to put it together on my mannequin.

Apart from a couple of metal bits and the chain, it is completely made from Calico Craft Parts and DecoArt paints and mediums.
I altered a NERF gun for him (showed that a couple of weeks back) so this time something "pretty" for me.

The full step by step instructions are on the DecoArt Mixed media Blog which you can find by clicking HERE.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Corrugated card 6x6 album. For DecoArt

Hi there folks.
I have a step by step photo tutorial over on the DecoArt blog (click HERE), for this corrugated card 6x6 album. The tutorial only covers the front page, but over here, I am sharing some of the other pages, of the finished album, with you.

 Page 1 and 2

these decorative corner and the cogs etc are from Calico Craft Parts (hopefully they should be online by the time this post goes live)...
Page 3 and 4

that's it so far. I still have pages to do and of course as it is tied together with jute string, then I can add more pages when I want.

thanks for visiting.
Z x

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Mixed Media Monthly Guest part 2

Here I am, back again, with my second project for Mixed Media Monthly in conjunction with DecoArt.
The last time I shared a very colourful little canvas. I turned that canvas around and did something very different on the back. something much more aged, rusty and distressed.
I love doing the back of canvases and using them as shadow frames. I have taken a less obvious approach to the theme this time. the nesting birds are the "April" part of the theme. and as for the showers, I incorporated rust because thats what rain does to metal in the garden. and I added some drips and raindrops in the form of crystals.
Head on over (by clicking HERE) and have a look at the work of the design team and other guests and maybe think about giving this challenge a go...
thanks for stopping by.
Z x

Monday, 6 April 2015

Steampunk props...

As some of you know, I am a member of some Steampunk societies and groups and like to dress up and go to events. we have one in June near Newcastle being held in Beamish museum. Hubby will be going as a steampunk pirate (with his kilt on) so I altered a plastic Nerf gun for him and made a faux leather holster out of grunge paper.It started out like this...

And here is the "faux leather" holster for it (it will hang from Mike's Kilt belt)...

Thanks for visiting.
Z x